Egidio Vaz

Communication Strategist & Media Scholar

In the market for 20+ years and we continue to help our customers in different facets of the media and communication sector.

  • Maputo, Mozambique
  • egidiovaz@egidiovaz.com

Founded at the initiative of Erkki Tuomioja, the former foreign minister of Finland, the purpose of the organization is to further public discussion about History and to promote the use of historical knowledge for peace-building and conflict-resolution

The Centre for Interdisciplinary Communication Studies (CEC) is an organization founded in November 2010 in Mozambique. Its aim is to boost research in the field of media, as well as to promote exchanges between media organizations

AEJMC’s mission is to promote the highest possible standards for journalism and mass communication education, to cultivate the widest possible range of communication research in an effort to achieve better professional practice and a better-informed public.

Abundance of information is creating poverty of attention 

Every day – and it is no longer news to say this, we are increasingly inundated with information. From remote control to Google search; from Twitter to Facebook; from e-newspapers to assorted apps; from WhatsApp to Instagram, it’s all a myriad of information circulating at dizzying speed empowered by the internet.

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