In 2015, the World Bank published a survey on Education Sector Service Delivery Indicators in seven countries, namely Kenya, Uganda, Senegal, Tanzania, Togo, Nigeria and Mozambique. Guess the result?! Mozambique had the lowest teacher competency index, compared to other African states. Tests were conducted in language, mathematics and pedagogy. The average score for Mozambican teachersContinue reading “ONLY 65% OF MOZAMBICAN TEACHERS CAN SUBTRACT 86-55”


Civic Online Reasoning is the ability of an individual to assess the credibility of the information that floods smartphones, tablets and computer screens. It is assumed that if people are not prepared to critically assess the credibility of the information that bombards them online, they risk being misled by false claims and misleading arguments. AContinue reading “CIVIC ONLINE REASONING”

Como triplicar a taxa de sucesso das transformações governamentais?

Foi lançado um relatório da autoria da McKinsey Center for Government, uma instituição de estudos em governação pertencente à McKinsey & Company, firma americana de consultoria em gestão. O estudo intitula-se: Delivering for citizens: How to triple the success rate of government transformations? (qualquer coisa como “atendendo as necessidades dos cidadãos: como triplicar a taxaContinue reading “Como triplicar a taxa de sucesso das transformações governamentais?”


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