Publications are subdivided into academic publications, some consultancy work and public reflections.


State of Media Freedom in Mozambique in 2013Download
The role of electoral expectations in post-election violenceDownload
The contribution of social networks in the formation of critical citizenship in MozambiqueDownload
Analysis of Media Coverage: 2013 Local Elections – MozambiqueDownload
Election coverage and security challenges for journalists in MozambiqueDownload
The Centrality of Social Networks in Citizens’ Access to the State in MozambiqueDownload
The Role of Civil Society for the Democratic Development of MozambiqueDownload
How were Inhambane voters informed about the Elections?Download
Covering governance processes. Handbook for journalistsDownload


Political participation of youth in Mozambique. Results from youth surveys in three municipalities: Lichinga, Tete and MaputoDownload
What was the general status of the media in Mozamabique in 2012. MISADownload
Youth and Military Service in Mozambique: A survey for the Youth Parliament, 2012Download
How were Inhambane voters informed about the Elections?Download
Media Monitoring Report 2008. MISA MozambiqueDownload
Report on Freedom of Expression and Press in Mozambique 2008-2010Download

Own writings

The importance of events in political communicationDownload
How are the opposition political parties organized to deal with day-to-day governance in Mozambique?Download

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