Here are some publications that resulted from my consulting work. My clients have accepted to make them available for further outreach and visibility.

Political participation of youth in Mozambique. Results from youth surveys in three municipalities: Lichinga, Tete and Maputo Download
What was the general status of the media in Mozamabique in 2012. MISA Download
Youth and Military Service in Mozambique: A survey for the Youth Parliament, 2012 Download
How were Inhambane voters informed about the Elections? Download
Media Monitoring Report 2008. MISA Mozambique Download
Report on Freedom of Expression and Press in Mozambique 2008-2010 Download

Sindicalism and Trade Unoins

Title Campaign: Debates and Publicity. In The Next Decade. Wage Indicator Foundation, 2011, page 41. Download
Eliminating discrimination against women in respect of employment and occupation Practical Guide to ILO Convention No. 111. ILO Mozambique, 2011. Download
How to eliminate gender-based pay discrimination in Mozambique? Practical Guide to ILO Convention No. 100. ILO Mozambique, 2011. Download
ESSOR’s UPA Project Manual. Vocational Training and Economic Insertion of Young People in Need. ESSOR, 2012 Download

Other works

All about the Inclusive Business Council in Mozambique. Institution of which I was the first Executive Secretary and helped create between 2012-2013 Download
Rapid assessment of Extractive industries issues in Mozambique: a study to inform the media response in monitoring extractive industries in Mozambique Download