In 2015, the World Bank published a survey on Education Sector Service Delivery Indicators in seven countries, namely Kenya, Uganda, Senegal, Tanzania, Togo, Nigeria and Mozambique. Guess the result?! Mozambique had the lowest teacher competency index, compared to other African states. Tests were conducted in language, mathematics and pedagogy. The average score for Mozambican teachers was 29%. The worst among the countries assessed. Those who want to see the then report can download it from my virtual library:

This is related to the “massive” failures of candidates to the Centre for Legal and Judicial Training, where only 153 of the 667 candidates for magistrates passed. According to the Director of the Centre, Dr Elisa Samuel, “the majority of candidates in 2020 could not even define what a Constitution of the Republic is”. That’s right. What do you expect from a student who learnt from a teacher who is not able to solve a simple math exercise!

Published by Egidio Vaz

Communication Strategist & Media Scholar